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Author Topic: New honda cb 125e  (Read 17025 times)

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New honda cb 125e
« on: Jan 15, 2016, 06:02:12 »
Hello. I have a new cb 125e. I really like riding it. I have made a few changes to better suit me. I would like to share these, and if anybody has any suggestions, I'd be thankful. I haven't found much information.

I have fitted fairly standard enduro type bars. They are the highest I could get for 22.5mm bars and 800mm wide. I had to remove the brace so that I could use the ignition key.

I have since found pro taper adventure bars. Still 800mm wide but higher. Because they are 1 1/8" wide they aren't braced. I have some adapters coming to change from 22 to 31.8mm. I won't make this change until and if I bend the bars on there now. I actually like the height of the bars now.
I have also fitted a puig screen. It looks good and is great when it is windy. Getting behind the screen when its windy is so much easier on the motor; it just purrs.

I find the front suspension woeful. I tried to find stronger springs but can't. I'm too lazy to pull out the existing springs, measure them, see if I can find something printed on them and then contact race tech. I did manufacture some spacers, just under 14mm. The top cap on the forks screws in a couple of mm before applying pre load. Originally there iis probably about 1cm of preload. Now it has about 24mm. Not a great improvement surprisingly - they are still soft, but I haven't ridden it yet.

I have the rear at max pre load. It feels OK, but I reckon I'm still bottoming it out. I'm about 85kg with gear.

I've removed one of the two horns, the dicky bar end weights. I was going to take off the centre stand, but I'm seting this up as an all rounder and adventure bike. It's really easy to do this because it is mostly already there. Such a neutral bike; it is great to stand up on, has a good low gear, very easy clutch to play with in technical stuff. Back to the centre stand: the ability to change tyres in the bush, especially on the front, makes the stand look pretty good.

I have made up a reasonable tool kit and have just received some pretty good panniers. Just light stuff is going in the panniers and I'll only use the panniers on extended trips, otherwise just a day pack.

to do:

Fit the ixil exhaust.
Fit the sigma carby kit.
Open up the air box or look at getting a universal foam filter and removing the air box.
Fit a chain oiler, so that I don't have to worry too much when I'm on forestry roads.

I'll post photos and give some progress, just in case someone else is looking for info on these bikes.

Any specific details about a potential fork spring upgrade would be great. Or any intake info (good filters, remove the air box or not, take the top off the air box?)

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Re: New honda cb 125e
« Reply #1 on: Jan 16, 2016, 07:28:19 »
I also removed pillion pegs. I had to leave the pillion peg mounting plate on the right side, because it also supports the exhaust.

These photos show the exhaust (just fitted), screen and handlebars. I like the exhaust - it gives a nice note but is not loud. There is a leak where the header pipe goes into the head - I suspect it is te copper washer (a crush type?). I did some research and it looks like that, I hope.

The forks are still too soft. The next time I have the bars off I'll lift out a spring and measure it, then try the race tech catalogue to see if they have something heavier but similar dimensions.

I added an extra mount point for the screen. Originally the screen just mounts on the two bolts that hold the headlight on. Going over corrugations I noticed the screen would flex back and forth a fair bit. I used a piece of foam that came off the handlebar cross brace and zip tied the screen to the front of the instrument cluster with the foam roll providing some flexible support. It isn't elegant but very effective.
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Re: New honda cb 125e
« Reply #2 on: Jan 16, 2016, 09:30:40 »
Where do you live!? I want one!!

Good stuff so far welcome to DTT
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Re: New honda cb 125e
« Reply #3 on: Jan 16, 2016, 09:39:59 »
Yes the exhaust gasket is a $4 copper crush washer. If you haven't fixed that yet you should. You might try tightening the header SLIGHTLY. Use the proper tools.

Holy tornado I want one of those. I would place a 233cc engine in and promptly ride wheelies everywhere.
burning bridges sometimes light the most productive paths

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Re: New honda cb 125e
« Reply #4 on: Jan 16, 2016, 20:27:56 »
Thanks for the confirmation Damon.

I live in Tasmania, Australia. I thought these bikes were pretty universal.

I love it but it really still feels restricted, which is why I want to open it up a bit. It isn't "free running" if that makes sense. I rode my girlfriend's suzuki address 110 home from Hobart, and it felt quite comfortable on 80km/h. The cb feels comfortable on 60km/h. It is such a good neutral bike though, easy to stand up on in rough stuff, or ride the clutch, brake, throttle for slow manouvreing, and then great to get a knee down on really small tight corners. And 18" wheels are a good all rounder. And the gearing feels spot on; although an extra gear up top would be perfect.

I was going to get heidenau 90/90 18 scout front tyres for both ends, but I like the dedicated road rubber. These things don't really spin the rear wheel.

I want to use this as an adventure type bike; an all rounder. No huge changes. My girlfriend has just got her licence and a scooter. The cb was originally for her, but it was just too big for her to manage or get a foot on the ground (she is 4'11", or 150cm). Having the cb means I can ride with her and not get bored. I rode the cb home for her when we first got it, and was considering getting one too, so things have worked out nicely. I have other bikes (ktm 990 smt, suzuki drz 400e). I can practice slow things on this that would cook the ktm - 60km/h on the ktm and the cooling fan soon comes on, which is why I speed on it :)

My girlfriend can stand up on the pillion pegs of the scooter, which makes it usable as an adventure bike. In the picture she is actually standing up :) This is her third ride (yesterday).

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Re: New honda cb 125e
« Reply #5 on: Jan 16, 2016, 21:20:45 »
I like the styling,Nice bike  8)
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Re: New honda cb 125e
« Reply #6 on: Jan 23, 2016, 19:51:23 »
I have been holding off installing the sigma jet kit until I replace

the leaky exhaust header gasket. New gaskets have arrived, but I'm


I have been pondering the air intake. Because we are riding mostly

forestry roads for a while, I want to replace the stock paper filter

with an oiled foam one because I believe they filter dust better and

breathe a lot easier.

I can't find one for a cb 125e. So I'm thinking of trying to seat the

filter cage and filter from a drz 400e. I have some spare drz filters

at home and will pinch the filter cage off the drz. I think it should

not be too hard to make it fit over the intake hole in the air box.

I then want to open up the top of the air box; probably just take the

top off it. Part of the airbox is also the rear mud guard - if I remove

it everything that comes off the rear tyre will be thrown straight at

the filter and rear of the upper engine.

Any thoughts or warnings will be appreciated. I'll try to find a

picture of the drz filter assembly :)

I found a picture of the filter. It is shaped like the base of a cone cut off part way up (or a square edged dome). There is open space inside the dome. It is a foam dome. The dome shape is supported by a plastic framework that fits inside. This dome filter fits over the air intake hole.

I found another picture (different angle) of the filter which shows the shape and internal space.
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Re: New honda cb 125e
« Reply #7 on: Jan 27, 2016, 04:14:58 »
I'm about to go and fit new exhaust gasket.

Just a curiosity I have with this bike and the drz - its never been a problem with any other bikes I've owned: The bike starts and idles ok. When it is warm it won't rev, it won't work under load. I remembered my drz doing this and I used to drain the carburetor bowl - no doubt I researched this enough at the time to find a fix for the symptom, but never found the cause. Sure enough, I drain the bowl on the cb and away it goes.

I don't think I used to shut off petcocks when I was younger and never had this problem. My ktm and ex dr650 never had this issue, and lots of other bikes from my past. I did consider a vacuum in the tank not letting the fuel run down to the carb, but my drz has a vent hose.

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Re: New honda cb 125e
« Reply #8 on: Jan 27, 2016, 06:43:43 »
Took out the old header gasket. The header pipe is a pipe within a pipe. I have no idea why this is - probably just aesthetic. I'm almost tempted to get a single pipe header made up just so that it is 2kg lighter or so.

I spent an hour or so grinding down the weld where the inner pipe is joined to the outer pipe right near where it connects to the head. Took about a mm off all round.

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Re: New honda cb 125e
« Reply #9 on: Jan 27, 2016, 12:15:38 »
That will help if you make the exhaust more free-flowing;I wonder why they always install such a small diameter head-pipe on exhausts for the 125? The dual-wall pipe .. it would be nice if they only used the outer part.I'm trying to find a muffler shop(I hope they will work on this motorcycle pipe.. many 'auto only' muffler shops will not)not far from me that will bend a new head-pipe out of 1.5" stainless steel pipe to make my little CB125S breathe a bit better;I'm installing the XL185 engine to it w/ a ported head and it needs more.
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